From An Upscale Hotel To Your Home, The Curved Shower Rod Is For All.

Although the curved shower rod (also called the arched shower rod) is typically seen in upscale hotels, it is gaining popularity for home use. Hotels figured it out long ago. The hotel bathroom has very limited space and in order to make the most of that space, they needed to modify the shower rod. If the shower rod is curved it adds approximately eight more inches of space to the shower. This additional room not only made the bathtub appear larger, it was also much needed due to our ever increasing waistline.


When hotel patrons realized how comfortable the showers were in hotels, they began wanting curved rods for their homes as well. Since many bathrooms in the home have a very limited area for the shower, the simple addition of a curved shower rod provides immediate benefits to be enjoyed by all.


Advantages of Curved Rods

There are a few advantages that the curved shower rod offers over the standard straight rod.

  1. rod shower curvedMore space in the shower. The 7-8 inches of elbow room that the curved rod provides can make anyone who uses the shower feel more comfortable, especially larger bathers.
  2. Added elegance. Curved rods provide a look of class and elegance to any bathroom. It gives the feel of a 5 star hotel at home.
  3. Keeps the water in the shower. The design of the rod helps the shower curtain stay in the shower thereby keeping the floor dry. This reduces the chances of mold growth and floor damage.
  4. Reduces shower curtain blow-in. We’ve all been there. You’re taking a shower and all of a sudden the shower curtain is touching you. This is caused by the air currents created by the jets of water from the shower. However, the curved rod holds the shower curtain further away and reduces the blow-in effect.


The one and only disadvantage to the curved rod is that of depth perception. Sometimes people use the shower rod as a guide to find a towel or the shower head when they have soap in their eyes. If the shower curtain is curved away from you, you may not be able to find your way around the shower resulting in a fall and possibly an injury. This problem however, will mainly affect those who are not yet used to having the curved rod. Once they are accustomed to the rod, this problem should disappear. If it doesn’t then there might be other issues the bather should address.


Curved Shower Rod Styles

double curved rod female

These shower rods come in many different styles. There are so many that you are sure to find one to fit your budget and décor. Let’s explore some of the most common types of curved rods.

  1. Single curved rod – This rod is just what it says. It is one single curved rod that can be adjusted to fit your particular shower space. Typically, it must be installed with screws and has decorative accents to hide this hardware.
  2. Double curved rod- The double curved shower rod is designed to separate the liner from the shower curtain. Often times they are slightly more expensive since there are two rods instead of one. These too must be installed with screws.
  3. Curved tension shower rod – The tension rod comes in single or double curved rod styles. The difference is that it is installed by twisting the adjustable rod until it holds fast between the walls of your shower. There is no need for screws or any special hardware to install it. Typically, these rods are quite strong holding up to 30 lbs.



Curved rods, like any other type of shower rod are made from many different materials. You are sure to find a rod to fit your décor with all the different materials available. They come in the basic stainless steel and chrome. They also come in brushed nickel, Zenith Satin nickel, Old World Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Burnish Gold and many more. All of these materials make for easy cleaning of the rod. Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and you’re done.

Time To Enjoy!

Although the curved rods provide more space in the shower, typically you can still use any shower curtains to fit them. There is no need for special, larger shower curtains to accommodate the rods. However, a brand new designer shower curtain would be a great compliment to complete the mini home renovation project just completed.

By far, the simplest way to make the most of the room in your shower is to replace your straight rod with a curved one. On paper, the few extra inches may not seem like much. Once you get used to the additional room and then use a traditional shower, you’ll wonder how you managed in such a tight space for so long. Also, this is a very simple project that can be completed without any handy man knowledge or power tool experience.