A Disco in the Shower? That’s One Option with a LED Shower Head

Some are lucky enough to remember the days of disco. Funky music, bell bottoms, big hair, colorful flashing dance floors, and disco balls have long been the markers of this era. While people may not want to wear bell bottoms in the shower, and that big hairdo will look a little flat when wet, the LED shower head can turn any shower into party. For those who are a fan of hang out in the bathroom, read on to learn what this cool new aquatic feature has to offer.

The LED shower head is quite a recent invention. In fact, many people have not even heard of it yet, but those who have them installed already are enjoying a unique shower experience. Numerous manufacturers make this special kind of shower head and consumers have a great range of choice to pick from. Some of the light displays on these new cool bathroom features can be very awesome.

No Need to Be a Disco Fan to Enjoy This Type of Shower Head

curved shower rodNot everybody is a fan of disco, but there are a lot of people who love having LED lights in the shower. Add a teak shower bench and designer shower grab bars and taking a shower just might become the best part of the day. The bathroom is one of those parts in the house where design can be very important. After all, a lot of time is spent there.
There is a model available for every taste, style, and décor. Bathrooms that have a more elegant atmosphere can be well graced by the installation of a LED rain shower head and those who need more accessibility can be well served by the hand held version. These fixtures also go great with the contemporary look and are a real treat for teenagers that have their own bathroom.

Lights Without A Power Cord?

Obviously, the lights inside of the shower head need electricity from somewhere. The idea of running an electrical line to a wet environment should be daunting to anyone whom is not a licensed contractor. The great news is that everything that is needed to power the lights are already installed within the unit. A small generator produces the required ultra low voltage when water flows through the internal mechanism. The process is the exact same that hydro-electric plants utilize to generate environmentally friendly power. There is no need for concern that somehow the water will shock you.


LED Shower Head Models and Features:

teak unique curvedThe majority of these colorful shower heads are rain showers, although there are quite a few models that are hand held and even some crafted to look like the more traditional models. Features vary based brand, model, and type, so it is important to check out what each one has to offer. Although new models with different features continue to appear on the market, here are some of the features that can be found.

  • LED light colors change based on water temperature
  • Time based light color change
  • Chrome, brass, and copper finishes
  • Water flow activates lights
  • Light colors include blue, red, green, purple, and yellow
  • No batteries necessary

Taking a shower where one of these shower heads is installed is a unique and memorable experience that just about anyone is sure to enjoy. Not only do they step out of the shower clean and refreshed, but they just might feel like they have just been to a party. These shower heads make a great gift for those who love to spend lots of time in the shower. This wonderful feature can change a regular bathroom into a fun destination.

A guest bathroom is an excellent location for one these. Include a curved shower rod to provide more space and a funky unique shower curtain and there will be little doubt that it will provide overnight visitors with a memorable experience that probably would not be expected in to happen in a bathroom.