Shower Grab Bars – More Than Safety!

Falling on the bathroom floor can cause injuries that may even turn fatal. In modern bathrooms, it is easier to get shower grab bars properly installed. The bars will act as both décor and safety. Though they are designed for safety, one should ensure they do not add clutter or become an eyesore to an already cramped area. Most of the people using the grab bars are the elderly, disabled, pregnant moms as well as young kids. There are different varieties of bars to install and they can be purchased online or from traditional stores.


Materials used to make shower grab bars

The bathroom is a wet environment and mostly stainless steel material will be used. However one can still choose from other materials that are resistant to moisture. This includes brass, paint coated bars, hard plastics and others. Grab bars should have surface that won’t easily slip out of one’s hand.


Bar length

grab fancyGrab bars should be of maximum length. There are those which measures 12 to 48 inch. This is normally straight grab bars while there are others that are made designed in a right angle. For others, then they will order customized bars to be installed in the bathroom. The customized grab bars will be designed if the user has specialized needs.


What About Attachment?

For shower grab bars that are mandatory, they will be attached on the wall permanently. Others can be placed on the interior block wall. To avoid injuries caused inside bathrooms, the bars should not be fastened with bolts or protruding nuts as they can be a cause of accidents especially for the disabled.

The bars can be installed inside smooth surfaces. This can be on the walls, the shower or the bath. When this has been installed then it will provide users with a support tool that will enable them to steady themselves when entering or coming out of the tub. In addition it will help one when they are lowering the body inside or standing from the tub. Remember that the designs in the markets are not manufactured to take the whole body weight.

  • suction cup bases

curved shower rodMost of the modern grab bars come with suction cup bases. The cup bases ensure it is easier to install them. The base will just be stuck on. Those coming with the cups are easier to install and remove.

There are more expensive shower bars in the market today with suction type cup bases. These are ideal as they come with an indicator to show if they have been attached properly. They also come with softer grips making them more comfortable when using in the showers.

There are others that are installed through the use of screws. These are more permanent on walls.

  •  Pricing

When it comes to pricing, different models of shower grab bars will sell at different prices. This will depend on the material used in manufacturing, the design and the manufacturer.


Coming Around To A Good Idea

Originally designed for the disabled & seniors, grab bars in the shower are now becoming a common component of a shower. By choosing a design that adds class, the consideration for installing a grab bar just got easier. There may be claim that it will never be used, but once installed the use will prove it benefits.