Unique Shower Curtains – Not Just For Artsy Folks

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves, so why should the bathroom be any different? Add a personal touch to your bathroom by choosing a shower curtain that will appeal to your sense of fun and style

There are various aspects to put into consideration when delving into choosing the right shower curtain. These include material, design and of course, price.

Modern unique shower curtain material

Consider the kind of material that will be the most aesthetically pleasing and functional in your particular theme. An excellent choice of material is the cotton. This is simply because cotton is very comforting and can easily be washed. Apart from cotton, another good choice is the polyester material which looks sophisticated and sleek as well as being more durable. However, many people prefer a vinyl or other synthetic material. Although, one can expect to have to replace these more often, they do allow the option of a clear translucent curtain.

Choosing a unique shower curtain is a simple step to change the appearance of a outdated bathroom into a more modern one..

unique shadow manModern unique shower curtain design and styles

The majority of the people consider choosing a unique shower curtain from the way it looks. Recently, many manufacturers began hiring designers who specialize in modern elements. The results are an increase in options of unique patterns and designs that do well in most themes.

Subway maps, famous art prints, food and a myriad of official licensed logos are now printed on curtains. There are companies that will use your own personal photo to create an image, a truly unique curtain indeed.


The Hardware

Most people do not realize how important the hardware is in choosing a unique shower curtain. In case there is no good flow of the curtain’s hardware, it can stand out to look really unpleasant. Many designs that are modern portray brushed nickel rings or stainless steel which works very well. Gold and brass fixtures are also some of the hardware options that you should consider. Plastic will do nothing to enhance the look you are creating, it’s best to stay clear of this option.

unique baconIt is the room you start/finish the day

When you think about it, we all spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, so it may as well look nice.

A unique curtain brings vibrancy to a room which would have been considered for a single purpose only and too boring to personalize. It’s your bathroom, so why not make it into a space that you enjoy using, rather than just somewhere necessary for routine activities.

What do you think a boring, old shower curtain says about you? Like it or not, your home’s appearance says a lot about your personality and who you are – and wouldn’t you prefer your friends and family to think of you as exciting and stylish rather than boring?

It can actually be fun re-accessorizing your bathroom with all the available modern accessories. There’s no reason for those routine bathroom activities to be dull.